Report a UFO sighting in India

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What is UFO sighting report?

If you have seen an Unidentified Flying Object at any time in past or present, you can share your experience with others by preparing and submitting your UFO sighting report. Sighting reports are extremely valuable for UFOlogists/researchers and interesting for readers. From a long time, TOP is working to disclose the truth of Aliens & UFOs. If you had a UFO sighting and want to report your experience, we would be very interested in receiving your sighting report.

What should I mention in a UFO sighting report?

In a UFO sighting report, you should mention your name, sighting place where the sighting occurred, date and time of UFO sighting, Sighting details and description, object details etc.

What to describe in Object detail?

Provide the full description of the object seen. Provide as much detail as you can. Tell about the shape, numbers and color of objects/lights. How did you lose sight of the object? You can also include about the appearance, estimated size, distance, height, Motion, Direction Sighted etc.

Can I submit a UFO sighting report online?

Yes, the simplest way to submit a UFO sighting report is to use the online UFO sighting form. Click on the button on the bottom of this page to report a UFO sighting now.

Can I submit my sighting report in any other format in place of online form?

Yes, You can submit your sighting report in any other general format like pdf file, MS word file, zip file, scanned document, MS paint drawing, jpeg Image or combination of many files supporting your sighting.

What should I mention in sighting details and description?

Provide the full description of sighting, be as detailed as possible. For example - what were you doing at that time? What did you see? What did you think about the object? Describe your reactions, actions and feelings during and after the sighting. Did you capture any photograph/video? how long the sighting lasted (Approximate duration of the sighting in seconds, minutes or hours), or any other information you want to describe like information about other witnesses (if any) etc..

Can I submit any photograph, sketch or drawing of my sighting ?

Photo, sketch or even a simple outline diagram of your UFO sighting is extremely valuable for researchers and interesting for readers of the UFO sighting reports. So you can submit a drawing, sketch, photograph, diagram, video or any other supporting document (scanned document) related to your sighting.

Where to report a UFO sighting in India? What should I do if I see UFO in India?

You can click on 'REPORT A UFO SIGHTING' Button on this website or you acn also send your sighting report to in English or Hindi.

Can I submit an old sighting report?

Yes, you can submit an old or new sighting report. You can provide the approximate date/time, if you don’t remember the exact one.

Can I submit the sighting report here, if I belong from outside of India?

Yes, we receive the UFO sighting reports from all across the world.

Report ufo sighting in india

Fill a simple UFO sighting form available at following link or mail us your case to