Space Research

Team members of TOP (The Other Planet) Research group are involved in Space-Research projects. They have proposed a lot of space related plans to the government and have been associated with many space projects with well-know space agencies like NASA, SETI, ISRO etc.

Solar Satellite Power Plant

“Solar Satellite Power Plant (SSPP)” is able to generate huge electrical power at almost negligible running cost for 24/7 to meet the power requirements of our Planet. The plan has been proposed by 'Mr. Ramkrishan Vaishnav' to The Ministry of Power, India.

Indigeostation (Indian Geo-stationary Space Station)

Indigeostation is the next generation multidimensional proposed project of Geo-stationary space station with space based solar power plant (to transmit power to the Earth) and many other extra-ordinary research and experimental facilities in zero-gravity.

Outer space & Interplanetary Missions

Mission to Mars, Mission to Bennu, Moon mapping,  Messages to space etc.

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence

TOP team is contributing for searching of possible evidence of radio transmissions from extraterrestrial intelligence using observational data from the Arecibo radio telescope and the Green Bank Telescope.

Other Research Project and Invention patents

We have 4 invention patents and working in the field of next generation Touch screen technologies, New power generation systems, Wireless power transmission and future technologies. 

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