UFO Sighting Cases, India

Investigated by : TOP Research Group

Banswara Sighting

Place : Banswara, Rajasthan, India

Date : 15 march 2008

Evidence : Photograhic

This was the evening time, and weather was pleasant with clear sky. Suddenly, an unimaginable object was seen in the east side of the village. The object was Hat shaped (a disc with semi-sphere on the top)...

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UFO on moon?

Place : Dehradun, India (Sighting occurred near Moon)

Date : Feb 2014

Evidence : Photograhic

Mr. Kamal Pant from Dehradun, India is a regular sky watcher with his Sony handy cam (60x optical zoom). He is a regular sky watcher from years, but he found nothing special in those two years of his sky watching, but in Jan 2014 he captured the super strange activity near moon surface.....

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Strange flying object

Place : Nagaur, India

Date : 2016

Evidence : Photographic

Strange object at comparatively low altitude was reported by many villagers, Local news reporters and some villagers approached and informed the TOP Research Group for investigation of this unidentified object. TOP Team investigated the case and declared....

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Google map UFO Mark

Place : Tamil Nadu, India

Date : 2013

Evidence : Google Map Screenshots

We(TOP) got a mail from a person from Tamil Nadu with a screenshot of google map where he found some strange and unusual triangular shape with three circles appearing on the ground while searching some location on the google map. The shape was really strange and it was appearing exactly same as leftover mark of a UFO....

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UFO Sighting, Jaipur

Place : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Date : 10 August 2008

Object(s) seen : One

शाम का समय था, करीब आठ बज रहे थे, और अँधेरा भी हो चूका था. हम सभी लोग आपस में बाते कर रहे थे . तभी अचानक एक बहुत बड़े आकार में लाल-ऑरेंज रंग की रोशनी वाली दीर्घवृत्ताकार चीज काफी ऊचाई से नीचे की और आने लगी, हम सबकी नजरें उसी चीज को देखने लगी. वो अज्ञात चीज उस पहाड़ी के पास जमीन से कुछ उचाई पर आकर रूक गयी. बहुत ही थोड़े समय (कुछ सेकण्ड) के लिए वो अज्ञात चीज उस उचाई पर रुकी रही....

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