Unidentified flying objects

U.F.O., stands for Unidentified flying object, is the popular term used for any flying object which can not be identified by the observer immediately; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins. It doesn't necessarily mean an alien craft, although it is often used that way. It just means some object in the sky that is unknown.

For long it has been claimed that there are so other objects rather than the celestial bodies which has seen in the sky, but these things are neither natural nor man- made or artificial. These strange objects are beyond our knowledge and identity and thus these unknown things are named as UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). These optical or objects are not even identified as Aero planes, Helicopters, Satellites or the other known flying objects or natural activities. The interesting part is, if any of them get identified (as manmade device/object or natural phenomenon) then the object called as IFO (Identified Flying Object).

Scientists believe that some other planets may also have life and living creatures (Aliens) too! Even some of them thought that these living creatures also visit our planet Earth. On the other side some of them clearly decline the phenomenon. The reality is “weather life exist on other planets?” is in still ongoing search process and it can be considered as the most mysterious unsolved question of human history.

According to the claimants, many of these UFOs have disc like structure so these generally known as “flying saucer”. Many other shapes of UFOs recognized as spherical, conical, Ellipsoidal, Cylindrical, Boomerang shaped, rocket shaped etc.

In maximum cases eye victims profess that these UFOs are fast and without creating any kind of sound rotate in their own axis and move in either zigzag direction or sometimes in circular or straight path having special type of light.

Including India, other countries like America, Sweden, Britain, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Rumania, France, Australia, Japan, china are the many of them where people including soldiers, officers, students, media person, police, pilot affirmed that they have seen UFOs.

Although consistently the news of UFO sightings came in light but there are no less cases where people misunderstood the phenomenon. After researches, many results have arrived when celestial bodies or other natural happenings are considered as UFOs but in realism they were satellites, parachutes or artificial things or natural incidences.

These (following) artificial and natural spectacles have considered as UFO by people:-

  • Celestial bodies like Mars, Venus, Moon, and the other satellites which looks little larger than stars at night.
  • The warning lights of mobile tower, high tension tower of electricity and wind turbines.
  • Reflection of sunlight from solar panels of artificial satellites.
  • Man-made things like helicopter, fighter plane, flights, glider, parachutes etc.
  • Comets, pulsars and bolides.
  • The secret planes of research or army of any country or association.
  • Scientific research related flying objects, weather balloons and the other aerial objects.
  • Kites, Night kites (with light), birds (especially flying at high altitude).
  • Natural optical phenomenon.
  • The distant visual lights of sun captured in camera.

Countries like America, Sweden, England, Canada and many other made their researches on related incidents and concluded that most of the cases are rumors or misunderstandings, these cases were either natural phenomenon or any kind of artificial objects and identified as IFOs while some other cases/objects remained unidentified. Though some countries had declined the concept of UFO but organization like SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence), MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and many other research organizations are still working on this and these are dedicatedly examining to give the factual description. NASA Astronaut ‘Edger Mitchell’ who is the sixth person landed on moon accepted that aliens exist and the assertions related to UFOs are true. He added that “extraterrestrials are very forward in technology than us, but we should not consider them as enemy”.

Many scientists believe that while searching life on other planets, we should also be active about the signals from the space. Sunita Williams said “though I didn’t see the aliens but still I do not deny the existence of them”.

Thousands of UFOlogists, Scientists, Researchers and investigators from all around the world are searching and investigating for solid evidences of ET (Extraterrestrial) existence to answer the unsolved question ‘Are we alone?’

Most popular U.F.O. Images

Banswara UFO sighting

15 March 2008

Banswara, Rajasthan, India

Image by: Harsad Kumar

UFO landed on Moon ?

Feb 2014


Image by: Mr. Kamal

UFO rock painting

10,000 year old

Kanker, Chhattisgarh, India

PC: Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture